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Interior Designer: SMI
Photography: Lisa Russman
GC: Benjamin Rose & Build


Polished, stylish, and functional kitchen with custom pantry to utilize additional space





West Harrison, new york

West Harrison Renovation

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When we came onto this project, I didn't expect to remove a staircase, but after hearing our client's wants and needs, we made it possible to not only make her home more functional but stunningly beautiful as well. 

Our client’s journey began like many others, with a desire to breathe new life into her home. Having explored various GCs, she found herself facing a common challenge – a lack of definitive project specifications and quotes. The bids provided were vague and subject to change based on future selections, leaving her feeling uncertain and frustrated. Furthermore, the absence of an interior design vision from the GCs hindered them from truly addressing her needs and solving her unique problems... read more on the blog

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