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Our firm can assist on every aspect of the design process including partnering with local contractors and builders. We provide floor plans, elevations, furnishing, custom window treatments, art and more. 

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Kitchen + Bath Design

Our kitchen and bath service includes anything from materials selections only, to a full design plan and remodel of your kitchen and bath. A custom quote is provided following the initial in home consultation.

Design Services for a whole room, whole home or a block of rooms, where we create a design plan from concept to the final installation; managing the entire process for you. 

Full Service Remodeling + Design


Designer On Call

Our Designer on Call services is designed for individuals who need ongoing design advice on an as-needed basis. This gives you the flexibility to speak to a designer and get knowledge and expertise when you need it. Purchase at 5-hour blocks of time.


Our Virtual Interior Design Services are perfect for individuals who are comfortable managing and implementing their own design projects with a solid plan and/or guidance from us. 
* Furnishing Projects Only

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This is where we bring your design vision to life and the final installation, remodeling and styling takes place. After construction is complete we coordinate for white glove delivery service. This is where we will
have the final reveal and walk through of your home.

Once the Presentation meeting is complete and everything is approved, we will manage all the purchasing of materials and furnishings, and make site visits to oversee our designs as well as coordinate demo and construction to be executed.

We kick off your Design Concept by creating all the mood boards, floor plan, selection ideas for furnishing, finishes and fixtures. If applicable we also create 3D conceptual renderings of your space. We will source materials and furnishings, collect all quotes and estimates from trades and vendors, create a preliminary budget.


step one

Design Concept

How it works:

— Paula T.

"I was so undecided and unsure of the direction I wanted to take. Sasha was able to keep me focused, which isn't always easy to do, and provide me with some great suggestions that I would have never considered. I am so glad I made the investment. Sasha was AMAZING!!!!"

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Recommendations and design advice along with direction for your project if you hire us on.

you'll leave with:

The purpose of the initial consultation is to discuss details of your design style, how you will be using the space, what inspires you and your budget/timeline for the project.


90 minutes On-Site Visit

Home Tour

Discuss Design Goals

Review Budget


Begin your project with a Consultation

What does "Full Service" mean? Do you offer other services?

Full Service Interior Design means our firm will manage your entire project, from initial concept to installation. The biggest benefit is saving time/energy getting your project to the finish line and having access to quality products at competitive pricing. Everything from the initial design, sourcing and selecting finishes, fixtures and furnishing, engaging with trades people and placing orders as well as tracking everything to ensure we get to installation day is handled so you don't need to worry. We find this makes the renovation and furnishing process simplified for our clients. This white glove service is a great option for clients who do not want to project manage and implement the designs of their project but want a beautifully executed home. For clients looking to DIY their project, then eDesign might be best for you. (Note this service is not available for Kitchens and Baths). For clients that just need to consult with an expect, reach out to us about our Designer On Call service.

What is the difference with eDesign services? Is that Virtual?

eDesign Interior Design Services is what we reference as Virtual Interior Design. Although a service that has been around for several years, during a time like the pandemic, eDesign services has been very popular. The main difference with eDesign vs Full Service is the level of involvement in the process. eDesign services typically include a concept board, floor plan and a shopping list to place your own orders. These will include retailers that you may already be familiar with. You may also receive a 3D rendering to be able to visualize your project better. The entire process is done virtually through emails, phone calls or video. Once we provide you with the deliverables, it is up to you to track your orders, handle your purchases and implement and installing the design based on our floorplan and concept board. This is a great option for DIYers. 

What does your Full Service process look like? How do you handle project management?

The first part of our process is to start with a 20 minute Discovery Call to get a better understanding of your design needs. If it sounds like a good fit, we will schedule an Initial Consultation. Next steps is to put together a Proposal documenting an outline of the scope of work, our design fees, minimum expenditure and estimated project management hours. Once the Contract is signed and a Deposit is submitted, we will get started on your project! This is where we will put together your Design Concept, floorplans, elevation drawings, selections for furnishings and finishes. We will also put together a preliminary budget outline and estimates from trades. We will schedule a meeting for our Presentation and once everything is approved, we move into the Project Management phase where we purchase everything, track, make site visits and coordinate with the GC. Once everything has been received and inspected, we will schedule an Installation Day to have a client reveal walkthrough and go over your new home that you can enjoy with family and friends.

How do you charge for Full Service?

How we work with clients: 

Design Flat Rate Fee - Based on the scope of work, we determine a flat fee for the design concept. We produce all drawings and information for contractors to execute their work and minimize any mistakes on site. Minimum Expenditure - We find the best products at competitive prices for our clients. This includes lighting, hardware, furnishing, window treatments, accessories and artwork. These are items you will be purchasing for your project anyway, so we facilitate your work. Hourly Rate for Project Management -  In order to best execute your project, ensure real time decision and minimize errors, we will require mandatory check-ins/site visits to ensure the integrity of the project and list these project management milestones in our Proposal so you know ahead of time.  We keep our clients updated with biweekly or monthly status reports.

Why do you include a minimum expenditure?

In order to offer our services at a competitive price, we look at our minimum expenditure as a win/win for you as this allows us to design beautiful spaces while assuring you that we will handle your project from start to finish with quality products at pricing you can't beat. You are going to be buying materials and furnishing for your home regardless (rugs, lighting, furniture, tile, art and more) so why not get it through us! We will work with your budget and style, be able to connect with the vendors directly, and can keep you up to date with lead time so you don't have to worry if something fits. With this business model, we can access the best product solutions and our clients pay a fair and competitive price, less than retail. Items included in the expenditure are items you will be purchasing regardless to complete the project and by virtue of our vendor relationships, we are able to seamlessly handle the details of ordering, following up and tracking, receiving, checking in, troubleshooting any issues - all the logistics - so that our clients can experience the magic of the big reveal on installation day. This is without a question, the best option for the client experience and peace of mind. 


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