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Step 1: We begin with sending you a questionnaire to get an idea of what you are looking for, your design goals, and your vision. We gather all this information, which will include scope of work, pinterest links, and your style preferred. This will help us to get started on the project. 

Dream it. Design it. Love it.

Step 2: Next, we have you measure the space and send us photos. We create a design concept board (mood board), floor plan, and color palette to help you envision how your space can look with the right layout, beautiful furniture and a comfortable home. 

Our eDesign Process

Step 3: Lastly, we design everything and present it to you in a design package that you will implement yourself. You will receive this design package in two weeks, which will include a shopping list for you to style for your big reveal where you will be able to enjoy your space after with family and friends. 

All e-Design services, and communication about your project will be entirely online from the comfort of your home, readily available to you in two weeks from the time you book your service.
At the end of the two weeks, you will receive your design package, a personal message from me on the inspiration of your space, and a floor plan to bring it all together. 

What to Expect

Just need some ideas? This design package gives you a starting point on your room layout ideas.


what we offer



Floor Plan
Design Concept Board
Shopping List

*Price per room

Floor Plan
Design Concept Board
Shopping List
Conceptual Renderings

Floor Plan
Design Concept Board
Shopping List
Conceptual Renderings
Virtual 360 Tour

Need more visuals and ready for a complete package? This package offers 3D renderings.

Want to really visualize your designs? This package offers 3D renderings and a 360 view of your space. Great for first time homeowners who do not currently live in their space.  

The appeal of eDesign is that it is often quicker and easier for the client than traditional interior design because there are no in-person consultations required and less people involved in the project (contractors, freight, installers, etc). And while it is quicker, you do really need a more hands-on approach. Clients will be responsible to make their own purchases, style their own space based on designer notes and photos, and implement designs at their own pace and time.

Although there will always be a place and need for traditional interior design, as well as an art for curated and trade only furniture, offering great design, virtually is the future of interior design, one that is here to stay.

"Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room."

Interior Design Made Easy


Let's make your house feel like a home. Together.

Full service design projects are best suited for furnishing and/or renovation and construction projects. Sasha Marie Interiors provides design and project management services through all phases of the project, from design to procurement to final installation. 

From selecting detail finishes, designing functional, beautiful spaces, to adding the final touches, every project is a collaborative effort to bring together a home you will fall in love with again.

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We accept a limited number of full service interior design clients each quarter
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