Serving clients locally and worldwide with Full Service Interior Design, eDesign Services and helping other designers refine their business. 

Interior Designer, Mom, and Creative Entrepreneur

About me

The things I am most passionate about are my family, all things organized and creating homes that are comfortable, modern, and inspiring. 

When I am not working, you can find me looking for the next show to binge on or testing makeup. My path towards creativity actually started out with being a makeup artist, working with key artists, brands and educators. 

Most days you can find me listening to music, researching design trends, and planning out my marketing content.

Eventually becoming a Product Developer, bringing concept to creation. I had gone from applying makeup to helping brands launch cosmetics, working on over 100 formulas a year. 

Creative Background

“Sasha’s eye for design and bringing her customers visions to life extended from creating beautiful makeup on customers to creating beautiful spaces for customers”

— Amanda bohorquez

I didn't always have this business. In fact, this isn't my first business. At the age of 16, I loved makeup just like anyone else but I wanted to figure out how to make it a career. I started out as a freelance makeup artist, building my brand working with brides and assisting key artists for New York Fashion Week. I got lucky enough to have a position created for me at one of the leading airbrush companies.

I worked my butt off, eventually becoming a Product Developer, working with a boss I can truly call my friend but I wanted more. Creating beautiful makeup wasn't enough for me. Nothing made me happier than styling and creating beautiful homes. The most time you spend at home is in bed and wouldn't you want a bedroom that inspires you, makes you feel comfortable and a bed that you could sink yourself into at the end of the day. I decided to go back to school, after having my son, Matthew, and I got a degree in Art Foundation, with a concentration in painting. I found myself in an entirely new world and found comfort in art, paint, patterns, and textures. I fell in love with the history of interior design and continued my education, learning 1/4 floor plan scales, mixing fabrics and creating homes for other people that they could fall in love with again. 



Helping other designers jump start their businesses. I am lucky to inspire them and utilize all the knowledge and research I have gathered to help them elevate their business. 

I have dedicated my days to testing new programs, learning social media do's and dont's and have streamlined my back-end onboarding process, that I could probably launch another brand in my sleep. For designers not sure where to start, how to render, or even what services to provide, I can help with that. If you just need someone to help you source or crank out mood boards, I am your girl. I am a wiz at Canva, a guest host for Dubsado, a member of the eDesign Tribe, and a part of the IIDA Residental Committee community. Let me help you if you're looking to launch your eDesign business! 

Looking for an extra set of hands, or wanting to figure out how to start their business, that's where I come in.

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