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A Look Inside Of My Kitchen

August 16, 2020

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If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good organized kitchen. I watch too many of Cleo and Joanna’s Instagram Story than I would care to admit, but the ladies from The Home Edit know their stuff. Seeing labels on clear containers, stacked up in my kitchen brings so much joy to me, even when the family says in the background “we know that’s pasta, we don’t need a label on it” ha. They have now learned to just leave the kitchen to me and just keep it nice and neat. It’s important to organize your space.

Sasha Marie Interiors Kitchen Organization
Keep Your Counter Space Clutter-Free and Organized

When we first moved into the apart, I actually left the cabinets to Eugene so that I could focus on the bedroom but boy oh boy when it came time to make dinner that night and a mac and cheese box came flying at my face when I opened the cabinet, I knew that was probably a mistake. I immediately made a list of everything I would need to get this kitchen organized. There was no way I could see what we had and what we needed when it came time to do grocery shopping because everything was a MESS. Just take a look at the before and after. Man what a difference.

It’s important that before you start to organize any space, you need to clear the whole thing out. Take every item out and pile them in groups. This way it makes it easier to figure out how to place them back and keep it nice and neat. The next thing you want to do is measure your space, don’t go purchasing anything until you actually know if it fits. As much as returning items have gotten easier, nobody wants to actually start the process, itss annoying and it’s a waste of time so just measure twice and purchase once.

Organize Space
Add Labels to Your Containers

Another thing to really give yourself that Home Edit look is LABEL. You can actually make your own labels using your home printer or you can purchase labels from the Container Store or even Michaels. Wherever you get them, however you do it, it will make such a difference and also it looks great in photos right! If you have little kids at home, learning to read, it’s also an awesome way to get them familiar with new words as they will see the item, read the item and notice how it is spelled as well. See, multi-purpose reason for the label! Be sure to tell that to your husband when you are surrounded with labels and he thinks you are crazy for writing pasta on a pasta container that clearly has spaghetti in clear view.

Organize Space
Most Used Items Accessible But Organized

Well there you have it, a little behind the scenes look of my own kitchen and how I organize it. If you are interested in checking out other items I have stored in my cabinet and drawers, check out my kitchen sources before and be sure to tag me on social so I can be inspired!

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